The online invoicing is simple

Manage the invoices from quotation to payment


Create a sales document or
a quote in a few clicks.


The project becomes invoice,
send it to the customer by e-mail.


Follow the payments in
the accounting ledger.

Software - LIGHT

0 € per month
Up to 5 invoices per month
For occasional billing. Free


No need to invest in an invoicing program if you issue fewer than 6 invoices per month. Introducing the most intuitive and complete FREE online invoicing software. Invoices, quotes, customers, suppliers, generic items list. Multiple-station, no installation key. Security guaranteed through a password.   You can easily upgrade to SILVER or GOLD if you so wish and keep all your data.

Software - SILVER

12 € per month
Up to 20 invoices per month
Comprehensive and effective for SMEs.

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Similar to Blue-LIGHT but with more capacity. One user with password. Ideal for a small- or medium-sized firm in need of Blue-Invoice without the optional plug-ins. Invoices, quotes, customers, items, suppliers. Print out or send by email. Bills never remain unpaid for long thanks to the daily tasks list offered by the software.

Software - GOLD

25 € per month
125 invoices per month (expandable)
Evolves according to your specific needs

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The most complete software for your company - as well as expandable thanks to the numerous plug-ins. Unlimited users, each with a personalised password. Manage your business wherever you are in the office or at home. Blue-GOLD together with your activity: choose the plug-ins as and when you need them: stock management, compound items, sliding scale prices, E-commerce, cash register etc.

Software - DEMO

Free trial for 21 days.

Free demo

The trial version of the software offers plenty of extra modules: inventory management, workplace addresses and places of delivery, subscriptions, cash register, signing on iPad. . . You try the software only with this most complete working version. You can already start to really work.


Blue-Invoice LIGHT is not a trial version.
You will get a better overview with DEMO software.

Software - GOLD Options

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Expand the possibilities of your Blue-GOLD

How to make your life easier and make your electronic invoicing automatic ? Do you have secondary addresses or contact persons to add for your customers ?  Multiple delivery addresses? Building sites? Projects to manage ! Furthermore, Blue-GOLD can converse, i.e. exchange data with other web applications such as your website for example, allowing for your customers to request quotes, among other things. Blue-Invoice then automatically generates the required documents !  Your online invoicing software can work with an E-commerce functionality, hosted on your website. Your stock management is always up-to-date - in one click !

Comparison table LIGHT SILVER GOLD
Price per month free 12 € 25 €
Support contract Premium -
Add plug-ins - -
No. of collaborators with passwords 1 1 Unlimited
No. of simultaneous sessions, up to 1 1 6 +
No. of invoices per month, up to 5 20 125 +
Documents: projects, quotes, pro-forma invoices. . ./month 25 100 Unlimited
No. of addresses for suppliers 25 50 Unlimited
No. of items in the database, up to 25 100 2000 +
Prices and rates: everything is included without surprises. Prices exclude VAT.

Blue-Invoice is modular: you only purchase what you need.
Update your software with a new plug-in if and when you need to.
Blue-Invoice is distributed in Europe through a network of trained dealers on its products and skilled in complex environments (networks, Internet, e-commerce. . . )